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Whether you need a new website, or redesign an existing
TAKE 1 design able to make your dream website!
Each website made uniquely in both design and functionality to meet your need.

About me

A little bit about me

Hi Selma here, my interest has always been into digital design. For over 10 years I have hands-on digital experience which includes; web design/development, graphic design, slide shows, intro-videos, flash ads and, prints for the purposes of promotion and sales.

My qualification in Information technology (Hons) drove me to directly put my skills and theory into practice.  Since 2004 I’ve been developing websites for my own interests, for others in my local community, and through recommendations. This ongoing digital design experience has enabled me to work independently, and as a team member in a fast-paced dynamic environment with minimum supervision.


Work with me / Hire me

With happy clients locally and globally, “I update myself regularly for new digital design trends”.  




Nonprofits website (CMS)


Coprate/business (CMS) website


Flash gallery website

corporate / School (CMS) website


corporate / business (CMS) website


Artist development website

Ecommerce / Portfolio website

Corporate / Online learning website (CMS) 2015

Artist website(2008)

International Fashion Designer

Motion gallery website



Community website

Graphic design / Logo/ Business card / Flash banner


My services include website design / development, internet marketing, graphic design, branding, flash ads, training, and support.


My aim is to provide pretty and functional websites.  I use the latest web trends along with the right features to meet each clients business needs and goals.


I build websites in mind for an average person to be able to update their website, the new and better way websites are made using CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS).

*No coding knowledge *Control over your website *No need to hire someone to update.

CMS gives you the freedom to keep your website FRESH “.


Choosing the right features for your website is vital, so your website can function as intended.

Included features


Your website remains compatible with all devices such as tablets and mobiles.


A custom email address helps you create a professional image and boosts your business’ credibility.


Showcase your products or services it can include image, video, audio and flash.

Social Media Button

Adding social buttons serve to promote your business’ presence on various social networks and help you generate fans/followers.



Google maps gives users of your website to  access interactive content such as your location, nearby or even traffic        (this is if you choose to show your location in same cases you don’t need this service).


Let visitors easily contact you through contact form



Want to UPDATE the content of your website yourself, your colleagues or your staffs. Then the right way is to use CONTENT MANAGMENT SYSTEM (CMS), powered by WordPress which allows NON-CODERS to be able to update their website with easy to use interface / dashboard.

WordPress dashboard preview

Initially, I will design and build your custom website for you, after with basic training, you will know how to create, edit, organise, add features and publish your website.   As a website owner,  you can even set Roles and Capabilities to your content editors what they can and cannot do.  Who is using WordPress: companies such as Time Magazine, Google, Facebook, Sony, Disney, LinkedIn, The New York Times, CNN, eBay, and more. . .

Must have features


Your website will be submitted to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and local listings for better search results.

Social Media feed (stream) /share

Have your social media activities directly to your website, in real-time status, this will help increase your social engagement.
Adding social media share buttons to your content allows you to expand the reach of your content to new audiences and generate new visitors back to your website.

Mailing list / Newsletter

The best way to build a relationship with your customers and readers keep them close with e-newsletter.


Email Opt-In

Build your email lists faster and better, with automatic Opt-in Pop-Ups.



View your website traffics and tracks your visitor’s activities.



To back up your website regularly is essential to prevent any data loss.

Top feature


On-line store allows you to sell your product or service, with secure online payment.

More features / Add-ons

Features can be added depending the types of website you’ll need.

Event Calender, On-line payment, Directory/listing, Live Voice / video chat, Appointments booking , Online application, Project portfolio, Membership, Blog, Website search, Photo/Video slider, Language translator, file upload, Audio player, Logo, Product catalog, Ads, on-line forms,Forum,  file upload, much more…


Why do you need a website?

As we all know, the Internet has taken over for almost anything we human need from selling, networking, entertainment plus much more, these are just a few to mention, so if you have a business or have an idea it’s 100% you will need a website,  this will increase your revenue and presence.  Having a website, it’s cost effective and it’s accessed from anywhere 24/7.

What is needed to have a website?

In order to have on-line Website you will need Domain name, Hosting and the Website itself.
Domain name:
you need to register you domain name, it’s a unique IP address name which you can only have once you successfully register your chosen name.  An example would be www., you will need to the right domain extension to suit your business and the country you want to trade, a typical domain extension would be .com,, .net, .org PLUS more.
TIPS: make sure when you decide to register your domain name, to use your own bank card as this will grant you the owner of  the domain name.
Web hosting:
It’s a virtual storage you will need to store your live website, many companies provide web hosting with different option such as the amount of space and speed you will need, more important to choose the right web hosting service in terms of what system you will need as all website are developed using different systems / software.

What software / system do you use?

I use WordPress, it’s website development software most powerful to build any types of website, featuring Content Management System (CMS) in existence today. Who is using WordPress: companies such as Time Magazine, Google, Facebook, Sony, Disney, LinkedIn, The New York Times, CNN, eBay and many more.

How much does a website cost

To be honest, I can not give you the price as it varies based on every clients’ needs.  If you would like a quote please contact me.

How long will it take?

On average it should take around 4-6 weeks, assuming I have your website’s content and info from you.

Do you offer Updating, Maintaining, and Backing up my website?

YES to all:

Updating:  You will be able to update your website yourself, as I will be developing your website using Content Managment Service (CMS), which allows non-coders to edit.  In case, you don’t have time and you want someone to do it for you, I can offer updating service.
Maintaining: If you would like to change the look of your website more often I can offer maintaining service as well.
Backing up your website:  Since your website’s data and files get stored virtually, It’s essential to back up your website regularly to prevent any data loss. I offer data backing daily, weekly and monthly,  whichever it suits you.

Do you help with Domain registration and Hosting?

Hosting:  Yes I can help you to get the right hosting service / plan.
Domain registration: I can help you to choose and register the correct domain name with extension to meet your business needs.

Where are you based?

I am based in London and I can travel around the UK if any face to face training is needed. I work International as well if any support or training is needed I can arrange voice or video call also I have documents and video training to follow.


I work with clients around the world, so please don’t let my geographical location hold you back from contacting me.

phone-512 07930 461 985 (UK) 
phone-512 +44(0)7930 461 985

Or if you are using the form below, please include the following in your message:
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